Weekly KUNG FU Day Camps
Is Now Open!

During spring vacation, winter vacation, or even summer vacation, it is always a great time for kids to enjoy Kung fu. It will help protect themselves from bullies and other potential threats when the teachers or supervisors aren’t looking....

Top 5 benefits of Kung fu Yes System Summer/Winter/Spring Camps
you will receive:

  • Reduce stress
  • Increase your confidence,
  • Boost up your energy,
  • Build self esteem
  • FUN!

The schedules are:

  • Morning Camps

 9:00AM - 12:00PM  Monday to Friday, $327 / Week

  • Afternoon Camps:

12:00PM - 3:30PM Monday to Friday, $357 /Week

  • Day Camps:

 9:00AM-3:30PM, Monday to Friday, $457 /Week

Please register in person at our office now! 

We can discuss your preference. What type of technique would you like to concentrate on?

Call 604-729-3186 To Reserve Your Place NOW!

Address: #5699 Ormidale St., Vancouver, B.C.  (one block away from Boundary &  Kingsway)

  • Call 604 - 729 - 3186 To Reserve Your Place NOW!

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