He Quan Qi Gong - 鹤拳气功简介

Master William Geng Ye - Advisor of Canada Chinese Kungfu Association

Brief Introduction of He Quan Qi Gong
He Quan Qi Gong is one of the excellent wu shu qi gong (kung fu chi gong), it is dan tian qi gong. Breathe out, breathe in, float, sink qi gong movements run through the whole of He Quan Qi Gong Kung Fu movement, the breath is from chest breath lead to stomach breath.

Continual practice He Quan Qi Gong, after few month you will find out when you practice He Quan Qi Gong there is a warm current in your stomach , the whole body feel comfortable warm, it is because qi,blood circulation entirely free from worry inside your body, He Quan Qi Gong stimulate the circulation of the blood and cause the muscles and joints to relax. Qi follow the channels and the subsidiary channels, it from dan tian down to the centre of the feet (yong quan acupoint), and then run through the back of the body, neck, the top of the head (bai hui acupoint), and then through the face back to the dan tian(stomach). This kind warm current move very fast, go round and round, move in endless cycles.

The practice with dan tian qi gong could eliminate disease and prolong life, health care, cause dan tian qi gong use stomach breath, it is long and deep, it could strengthen the function of abdominal muscles, lumbar muscles, diaphragm muscles etc. This kind of breath could help promote internal organs movement, eliminate the extravasated blood of viscera, promote metabolism, promote secrete gastric juice, bile etc. have a good appetite, improve assimilate nutriment, at the same time, stomach breath could promote vein blood run back to the heart, improve lymphocinesia and excite a nervous system, continual improve the functions of internal organs. According to clinical observation dan tian qi gong, stomach breath has good therapeutic effect to respiratory system, cardiovascular system diseases, ulcer, ptosis of the stomach, intestines functional disorder etc.

Over a long period of time to practice He Quan Qi Gong, it could make you full of energy, have rosy cheeks, a men of great physique.


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