Nunchaku, the lost hidden weapon

The Nunchaku was made famous by Bruce Lee and his movies. Nunchaku consist of  two sticks connected to each other by a string or chain. The nunchaku is a deadly weapons and can be used as both an offensive and defensive weapon. It’s small and can be hidden under your cloths.

Before Bruce Lee It’s well-known weapon in China, but due to government restrictions this technique was not widely practiced anymore. Since then many Kung Fu masters in China didn’t continue to practice it in the public. It was only taught to some special students in private. Therefore this special skill was almost lost in China

Kung Fu Yes is brining Nunchaku techniques back to life

Learn the real Nunchaku techniques from the Master. Nunchaku is more than just swinging the sticks around. Unlike the Bruce Lee movie, which shows only a few nunchaku movements, at Kung Fu Yes you will learn the complete Nunchaku form.

There are two original Nunchaku forms. Each forms consist of:
  • 36 Different attack techniques
  • 36 Different defense techniques
Most of these techniques you might have never seen before. Nunchaku is not just a swinging weapon. 

Did you know that you can use Nunchaku Techniques with your belt?

Surprised? At Kung Fu Yes, you will how to apply the Nunchaku techniques with a your belt or a piece of cloth. See picture above. At Kung Fu Yes, students are learning how to use Nunchaku Techniques to defend themselves with a piece of cloth when someone is attacking with the fist.

Yes, it’s amazing to see that. Only at Kung Fu Yes will learn these secret techniques. In fact, these Kung Fu Yes is probably the ONLY martial art school in the entire BC, Canada, who can teach the complete and original nunchaku techniques.

Learn Nunchaku Techniques From The Chinese master

Nunchaku weapon usually consist of two wooden pieces connected by a cord or chain. It can be whirled around, using its hardened handles for blunt force against the opponent. Or you can wrap the chain around an attacking weapon to immobilize or disarm the opponent. These are just the two most common techniques that you might have seen in Bruce Lee’s movies. At Kung Yes, you will all 36 different techniques.

Benefits of Nunchaku training

  • Increase hand speed
  • Corrects posture
  • Better mental health
  • Improves concentration


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